Friday, July 10, 2009

single back

5th july 2009
we're now officially OVER zaie
im glad i didnt ever meet u yet
cause this past few days i only knew
that u're such a LOSER
thanxs god for not making this relation any longer
hey,it is tru with what did intan told me bout u
u're really acting like a child!
pretty loser.skinny!HAHA

6th july 2009
OMG!our presentation is really GREAT
we got full marks for our group assignment
that means now i got 38% already for english class
which i just lost 2% only
nevermind,will do my individual assignment
MUCH BETTER than other!
will do so. hey im happy with my new life

7th july 2009
quiz for ms elis class
done! -VERY WELL
nothing much happened today
just happy because UBAI can make me laugh again
thanxs my dear friend :)

8th july 2009
stdy study study
mis jega's class
duhhhh.! quite boring actually
eat eat eat n eat :)
nothing much also

9th july 2009
yeayyyyyyyy!masako is not here
she take the attendance
then we cn do whatever we want to
OMG!hahaha.straightly text to aisya


sis,fetch me now
erk!okay.but maybe at 3 or 4 i'll bethere
why late?
waiting for my friends
ouh okay! drive carefully

then she fetched me on time!
went to pavilion
i treat her zara's pants n baby-tee
huhhu spent almost 500 for the day
but never mind sis
im so happy to treat u :)
next time,ur turn to treat me back huh?
oww ya,...not to forget
happy to met yaya,eyqa,atyn,mira :D
u're all very nice to me :D

10th july
opssss.... i dont go to class
cheryl keep on calling me till my battery run out!
haih -_-"
still at uitm puncak!
at my sis place
having fun with her n her friends
gossiping till late morning!
sorry eyqa,i slept the tym u talk to me
huhuhu i dun mean it
but seriously im damn sleepy at that moment
sorry syg :)
later gossip lagi yeah? :)

11th july 2009
n now im at home
she drives me safely
luv u sis aisya :)


  1. toldcha right? (: now u knw how i felt for the past 6 months. hopefully he'll grow up.

  2. yeah that why duhh.luckily im over with him!
    he really such a small skinny LOSER
    now i noe how u feel n sorry if my words before this hurting u! let just be friend okay :)
    anyway,im ann

  3. no biggie. sometimes you need to see then u'll learn. i'll talk to you through my myspace later.

  4. oww yeah!i think so :) okay lang! actually im quite busy with my assignment and rarely online if i reply ur text quite late,sorry ha!
    n thanxs for ur advise before this!