Sunday, May 31, 2009

last post for may

it comes to end of may
today is 31st of may 2009 :)
i've wrote about 66 post for this month
and wow! :)
ahahahah :))
today,i went to sogo
to pass eppy danny's watch
she forgot tht she put the watch inside my bag
after meet her
her parents treat me my lunch
such a wonderful day
emmm well,good bye world
hushhhh its not tht im dying ahaha :)
well,good bye to :
away to sri college tomorrow
so,rarely online after this

Saturday, May 30, 2009


DATE:30th May 2009
VENUE:SK(L) Jalan Batu
*c's fara*
*danny's fren (sry!forgot ur name)*
*green girl*

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

sri college

i went to desa sri hartamas wif aisya
sending them my form
and asks them everything bout the college
then we paid 300 first as the deposit
then 1k something for another next 2 weeks
the places wasnt as wht did i had imagined
its just a small college duhh!
smaller thn consist
i thought it was the smart reader kindergarten at 1st
ahahaha.the real is,its my college!
wakakkaka :D
OMG!my class will start by next week?
1st of june?woah!im quite bz to packed my thing
to buy some stuff this 3 days


what do u think bout my college?
GOOD!and the course is just GREAT
yeap.i know!i can also venture my own kindergarten!
coolio!ur hostel? AWESOME!
yeap.gonna be my 2nd home la.haha
well,best of luck!
yeah thnxs sis :)

along the way home.
what??? LOST? wakakaka :DD
supposedly we're going to go to OU,
miss the junction
straight to mid valley
miss another junction
ahaha.we went to bangsar village
wakaka *FUNNY!
then having our lunch there
lepaking a while
then going back home
as we reached semenyih,
go to the kodak shop,
settled evrything tht me caunselor need
-paspport photo
-ic etc
then we went home
try to call epy,
then her dad told me tht she went out with esh n fyqa
what?she didnt tell me?
nvm.hmmmmm. :(
maybe cause the thing tht afiq told me ths afternoon
we we're both just friend!
he is my bestfriend.
wont be more than tht!
okay syggg? :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


i've made my decision
im going two sri college instead of consist college
i never mention anyone bt this college rite?
i have to dream college
which is consist n sri
both are my favourite actually
i received offer letter from consist first
and it makes me feel very happy
:)) super duper happy
i thought im not accepted at all
then suddenly,last two days
ive been offered to sri college
what?????? i got both?
OMG!idk which to choose
please god im totally dizzy
i cried all day long to make the decision
and only now,
i could make the decision
after discussing with kak long,abah,mak n k.sara
they all support me in everything i do
im happy
i cried cuz im afraid im i made the wrong decision
they hugged me and tell me that
im not wrong by choosing sri college
cuz they can said tht i do love kids
and they said tht is the best for me right now
and.. i think so
okay.tomorrow im going to sri college
to send my form
and will start my class by this june
so ... wish me luck please

bubbye consist
welcome sri ;)


OMG!she's sooooooooo cute meh!
i wanna kidnap u if i meet u
people who had been tagged into this pix,
means u're cute for me do!

*sya adinda*

u guys are soooo cute like the baby

Sunday, May 24, 2009

nitemare :(

last nite i wish my boyfie will have a bad dream

cuz."merajuk lah konon nye"
but, it didnt happen to him
unfortunately it happens to me :(
its really a bad bad bad bad dream!
it is abt..
emm.the scenery is at my place
im home from holiday
it just me,my sis n cousin tht time
suddenly when we reached home,
there's a lot of people wearing proper.
like ther's a funeral :(
WHAT?????? who's the body is?
OMG!its my brother,abg isa
i can accept the fact tht he's leaving me
my tears runs dry
when we're going to the graveyard to bury him
something else happened
my home was robbed! WTF?
tv,astro,dvd,pc,laptop etc had been robbed
mummy cried till she fainted!
suddenly i heard..
WTF?my maid broke my favourite glass
then suddenly i realised.
tht im just dreaming just now
thanxs gog for not taking my bro from me

i love my family <33

camwhore ;)

lets the stomach full

BABLOVA sistas ;))

aisya,capiq,blurr and me
COUSINS syggg <33

capiq , ann , aisya , blurr , sean

yeay!thnxs for the memories everyone!
im so happy :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

u knocked my heart!

we know each other trough my sista,aisya
he admit tht he is my sis petbro
daa.i dun really even care at all
OMG!u're so so so so CUTE
last nite he promised me to YM
and invite me to see his webcam
but??? he break his promise

me , zaie

hey where's ur webbie?
erk! hair such messy right now
i dont care! i wanna see u! u've promised me rite?
yeah.only if i cut my hair by today!tomorrow please?
but u promised me u will.ah guys thing!cheating on girl
promise 1001 things rite!erk!u're one of them? sory
okay.i lend u mine,but..can i put my cap on?
erk..bout why??
my hair is such messy!so so so so...
emmm okay2

then he lend me his webbie
OMG!u're so cute syggggg
heheheh :))
u're also SWEET! omg.
u're more sweet than sugar or lolypop i guess

hey,dont be a sweet talker please
im not!im telling u the truth

then suddenly i pick the doodle im environment
i draw some thing
but i couldnt draw it here,i'll wrote it

zaiee COMEL
no no im not
but u do okay?
please dont call me tht.i dont like!
okay2... then? zaiee CUTE mehh?
ARGH!its just same!

heheh then we keep on drawing
he's laughing n wait patiently
everytime i draw

hey u're so sweet im melting
erk.izzit?hahha.yeaah maybe
if..i..fall for u?erk! then i draw him the heanging man!
if i said , me too?
will u be ?
will u be wht?
erk nothing.hehhehe

then comes to the most sweetest part!

will u be my _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
erk be what hun?can u gimme some hint?
okay.u fill the vocal,i fill the consonant okay?
_I_ _ _OU _E _ _ _I_ _ _ _I_ _ _?
fill it syg!
woot2! izzit wht u really want?

then my turn to asks him several question
my turn to draw

"will u care about me?"
already did and will keep on doing that!
"will u love me with all ur heart"
give me the chance to love u
are u crius with what r u talking about?
i am.and im also shocked bout it
i cant believe tht im proposing u to be my gurl
me just expecting us to be a gudfren at first
so, are we?
are we what?
do u really want it?
ERK!u always said "do u really want it"? seems like im the one who like u GRR
neah.of course i do!i wanna asks u cuz,im afraid if u dont want it
okay boo. i do! ;)
u do?
yes.dont forget 23rd may syggg
erk what??
huh! -_-" u asks me wht?the day u have me lah do
erm.hehe.i noe.just wanna see what will u said
haha.sory guys im not single anymore
TAKEN by ahmad zahier
sory girls,im TAKEN by siti maryam mohd fathillah

OMG!im officially his girl?
woah!how am i suprised mehh ;)
after tht we were talking on the phone
which everything is secret!
cant tell u hehehe ;)
for the last 2 minutes i asks him to say something
or wish me sumthing..
unfortunately he did not.
then maxis stopped us! GOSH!
after i talked to him
straightly i gone to sleep
cuz im kinda sleepy
its 6.55am in the morning???
adeh -_-"

when i woke up this morning
i received a text from him

"hey,its me zaiee... ;) just wanna say sorry
coz idk wht to say when u asks me just now
haha..but here it is
thanks for taking chances with me
n thanxs for being MINE ... :)
im looking forward toto see how us get along
in good way i hope.okay?
sweet dream dear..xoxo"

omg!im now playing back with my heart.
zaie please dont game me syg!
i need you
i want you
yes,im yours n u are mine
hey..idk how to tell my sista bout this..
waiting for her to come home ;)
n let her know by herself

mood : speechless n im in love ;)

dhamy <33

ahahah 1st of all,
im soo so so so sorry
cuz i didn wish u ur birthday
its not that i forgot ur date
its just tht im kinda revenge
cuz u didnt wish me last year
23rd may 2009
ahahha.suddenly u call me last nite
then only i pick up the phone
and straightly wish u
see?i did remember ur birthday

me dhamy

hey maryam
happy birthday syggg
ouh.y u didnt wish me?
ERK!sorry neither do u on my last year birthday
ouh revenge kah?
hehehehe.kinda.but nvm.i wished u already enn?
ahahhaha okey!sorry bout ur birthday! -_-"
naa...nvm...its al the past.

then we gossiping for a while!
cant tell u what are we talking about!
anyway my wish for u

happy birthday to u
happy birthday to u
happy birthday happy birthday
happy birthday to u
naaa..blow the candle and make ur wish
hope our relation will everlasting more than 9 years!
haha.well,u noe what i mean? ;)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

CITY-LINK express

last 2 days im not home when they send me the document
i called their customer services
n they promise me to send it back by 22th may.
suddenly,when i give my bro his pocket money,
someone's bell my door
i was quite shocked and suspen!
cuz rarely my relatives comes without informing us first
wohohoho :))
its the POST MAN!
then he called me
to signed the doc n ic bla bla bla
woahhhh.!its for me?
and its from CONSIST COLLEGE? shaking now!
damn scared to see open the letter
im afraid if my application isnt accepted! :(
here it is ;))

DATE: 16 MAY 2009



Referred to the above matter,we are pleased to inform u that ur application for enrolment in the Diploma Occupational Safety and Health Management (DOSHM) -A6756 has been accepted

your registration to the collee will be on the 04 JULY 2009, 9.30AM at DEWAN SURIA TRAINING COMPLEX,LOT334,BATU 8

the duration of the program will be 2 1/2 years (6 semesters).All rules and regulations of the college will be given during the registration day. Please bring the following documents:

  4. 1 COPY OF IC
CONSIST COLLEGE welcomes you to the program and wishes you the best of luck in your studies.

thank you.

yours sincerely,

c.c chief executive

note:this offer letter is subject to your certified true copy of SPM result

OMG!i've been accepted to my dream college??
heheheehee THANXS god!
im so happy........

then i called my dad
me , dad

daddy,good news.
erm what?
i've been accepted to CONSIST COLLEGE
ouh.of course u're.!i've paid the fees rite?
yeah.but tht time i didnt get my offer letter yet daddy
emh yeah!well,congrats hunney
r u really sure u're going there?
u dun want to further early childhood program?
okay.we'll discuss later once im home k?
okay daddy.ILY a lot
i love u too syg

heheeheh.cant wait for tonight!
daddy hurry!hehehe

11 sign that you're in love

You walk really slow when you're with them.
You feel shy whenever they're around.
You smile when you hear their voice.
When you look at them, you can't see the other
People around you, you just see him/her.
They're all you think about.
You realize you're always smiling when you're
Looking at them.
You would do anything for them, just to see them.
While reading this, there was one person on your
Mind this whole time.
You were so busy thinking about that person, you
Didn't notice number seven was missing
You just scrolled up to check & are now silently
Laughing at yourself.

if i have a BF

1. i should be really comfortable with him just like i would be next to my best friend..
2. my boyfriend should be somone i can count on and trust more than anybody in the world
3. a boyfriend is someone i can call at any hour of the day to complain about whatever i've to complain abt without him getting mad because it's too late
4. a boyfriend would have just the right words to make me stop from crying and instead put a smile on my face
5. a boyfriend should be somebody who won't be ashame to show me off to his the world =]
6. a boyfriend should be somebody who will have my back 100% of the time when no one else does
7. a boyfriend is somebody i can have fun with an act silly around with or without being concern of what he might think of me.

that and many more is the definition of a boyfriend to me..

being around my boyfriend i should act myself..just like i would with my friends and family..

i dont have boyfriend
n im happy for that.cuz...
bf gimme troubles more than loves! ;(

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

morning world ;)

its a very fine morning!
good morning to youuuuuuuuu
refreshes and new,skies are blue,
i try to be bestfriend,
i try to bee the bestfriend i can bee
so,here u go some gudmorning flowers right to you from me
i just love when morning gets here,
cuz i can send a Big Great Good Morning text,
to my bestest friend,
what a lovely way to start my day
nite has ended for another day,
while morning has come in anoher special way
may you smile like this sunny rays
and leaves your worries at the blue bay
a night hug warms the heart
a night kiss brighten the day
and a good morning to start ur day
hello,wake up..
receive my simple gift of "good morning"
wrapped with sincerity
tied with care
and sealed with a prayer
to keep u safe and happy all day long! take care
morning greeting doesnt only mean saying good morning
it has a silent message saying,
"i remember u when i wake up,have a nice day!"

the words hello means
H-how r u?
E-everything all right?
L-like to hear from u
L-love to see u soon
O-obviously,imy my friend

the sun rises into the sky wt the warmest smile,
HE wishes u a good morning
hoping u'll have the perfect day
when morning,
ur soul come back from dreamland re-united,
wt a sleeping senseless piece of urself,
slowly open ur eyes realize its a brand new day
so, GOOD MORNING world

dedicate to my special bestfriend,
afifah n nadiana

definition of love

the meaning of love for me offers love in a way
that's interesting,intense,clear,logical and meaningful!

all relationships require:
love,infatuation,friendship,dating,marriage and family

involving this three key elements:
EMOTIONS-how we feel about each other
ETHICS-how good or bad we're for each other
JOYS-how much we satisfy or dissatisfy each other

these means determine quality of our relationships,
an the meaning of love as what u asks me just now,
explains how we intellerate and why attraction exist?

the normally considered most important emotional,
and conventional hallmark of love,
isn't sufficient to signify a relationship as one of love
no matter how strong or enduring that attraction may be!

is my answer gud enough for u ash?


when ppl start to say tht he loves me
its actually he love me not!
i hate u
i hate u
i hate u
i hate u
i hate u
when u dont get wht u want from me
y must u talk from my back weyh?
hey if u are really desperate having a longgggg relation,
go n find sum1 tht u dun need to know her 1st,
then coup with her
i wanna see wether u might coop with tht gurl!
hmmm.nvm syg,gud luck with ur luvers!
i had delete u from my page!
please just forget me okay!

im back from bukit bintang
with aisya,capiq,blurr,alip,shifa n shawn
they treat me n my sis as we were both broke chipan!
hehehehe pity us. ;(
nvm.tht is not wht im going to tell u
its about..... AWEY???
we bumping into each other accidentally!
n he is with his new GF???
WTF?????i couldnt accept the fact tht...
he is dating with his new gulfie :(
im damn jealous...
well,awe actually quite shock looking at me
of course laaa cuz im not like before
while his gf looking at me with a sad look upon her face
"TERGUGAT ke weyhhh?"
ahahha :) pity u weyh having my "EX"!
but i hate to see him with other girl
is tht mean im still loving him as my bf??
naaa.i wont love u anymore okay!
so longgggg n gudbye
ikqwan zaidi mohd iderus

after we bought alip his new guitar
me n my sis went home
actually,we're planning to go to barcelona
cuz tonite is a ladies nite!
so we dont need to pay lorh ;)
unfortunately... HE spoil everything
HE dont want to accompany us,
cuz they need to pay RM30 for entry! adeh -_-"
then along way home
me n sis aisya just sit without chatting
cuz we both damn exhausted
ahhhh.we're not having fun hanging out today! :(
its damn bored okey
actually its my 1st time lepak with my sis' band
they're all extra cute n hot mehh :)
thnxs for ur treat hehehhe :)
nyte everyone

mood : sleepy head

maryam here :)

times square

ktm sg buloh

mamak corner ;)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

us <333

once friend forever we're still friends rite?
i love all of u damn much!
even we're far from each,
we wont forget n keep on remembering others
tht is y i dont wanna lose any of u
eppy,esh,dona <333>

epy <33

luv u mucho beby!
bestfriend forever! :)
u're th best lah beby ....

dona <33

nurul diyana azhar ;))
my baby boo :D
i love her so muchhhh xoxo

esh <33

the wind blow my hair shhhh

besfren yayunkkkk :))
see... my boo wearing scarf?
COMEL woot2

snap snap

my dearie junior R23/2008
luv them mucho mehhhhh :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

happy birthday

idk how to express my feeling duhh
im damn missing all of my jr
a lot weyhhhh! <33
they are,
im going there one of the reason is to celebrate..
ezlin's 17th birthday

happy birthday sayang... ;)

Sunday, May 17, 2009


omg!it is now 2am in the morning,
and im totally excite about tomorrow planning
im going to my previous school wei
ahahahaha.damn missing school time duh!
OMG!!!mam harlina...
i rewly mis ur english class!
missing the time u pushed me to do 3 essay per day
ahhaahhaa ;))
thanxs fer ur cincern bout me mam! ;)
ilysdfhm u noe?
u're the best english teacher in the world ;D
gonna meet u tomorrow n discuss bout my offer ;)
hehehe.damn excited u noe?
n also damn missing eppy,esh n dona
cant wait to meet n hug them tomorrow ;)
long kiss for all of u
frens forever till when when ahahaha ;))

Saturday, May 16, 2009


yeay!u've been entitle as AF7 winner!
i damn adore ur attitude n ur voice...its powerful ;D
u're so damn cute! OMG!
ahahah when ac announced u as the winner,
me n my sis screamed like hell ;D
ahahaaha.we do vote u?!
ahaha what???me voting? WTF? ahahha
u're the only contestant tht we ever voted for!
ahaahhah ;)
well,congratultions young man ;D BRAVO

sad ;(

hey dear ann ;(
emh jut now i chat with my sis
we share our prob
im ity of her cuz it seems nobody understand her
neither do i,i guess
i could just be a good listener n advisor
cuz im not perfect enough too ;(
we've both still young ;(
so sorry i couldnt help u haih ;((
emmm nvm.
hey ppl!i'll prove to all of u i will succeed in my study!!!!!
u better watch out ;)

Friday, May 15, 2009


diploma in electrical engineering?
engineering AGAIN???
kuala selangor area again???
thnxs fer tht offer
but im not going there!
of course not lah!!! i come! ;))

on the phone

epy's mum me
erk helo,is afifah home?
emm .she's gone to sogo just few mins ago
ouh my bad!nvm aunt i'll call later
eh.maryam izzit?so how r u?
ouh yeap!im just doing fine aunt.wbu?
me too.eppy gone to take my clothes there.
okeng!nyway,hppy belated mother's day
ouh touched.i thought i had forget me
ehh.. no lah aunt.i wont!u're my mummy too rite?
so.where r u going to further ur study?
im going to consist college aunt.confirmed ;)
ouh,.what course?
safety n health aunt
what is it about?
ahaha.i'll let u noe,its abt safety.we do offshore n such thing
wow!thts great.what abt their fees?
ouh round 5k aunt.dun worry can pay 1/2 first
whatttttt?its expensive.wont we get any loan?
yeap.ptptn.not mara.too bad.
oic.okay will talk bt ths later on.i'll discuss with eppy's dad
ouh pleasure!
thnxs maryam.good luck okay
ouh welcome n thnxs to u too aunt
ahahaa.its not my plan to talk to aunt
im planning to call eppy for gossiping bt something else
ahahaha ;D
nvm.its a nice chat with u aunt!
thnxs fer ur concern bt my studies ;) ILY


fariel.u make me mad!so so so so so MAD!!
i've gone to the place as u wish mny times
then u said tht u're busy with photo shoot
dumb assss!then y did u asks m to come?
to give u moral support?no need lah!there's too mny hotchick there rite?
u dun even need me at all
im such stupid to go back to u for about 5 to 6times!
its not far but im tired
its hot okay cycling at this hour!
i dun wanna meet u
please!dont come to my place
n dun asks where my house is uz i wont let u noee

Thursday, May 14, 2009


daddy if u could only noe how much i do care n luve u
i dun wanna let u frustated with me this time
i'll prove u tht i will suceed with flying colours
i promise u
dun worry k?just waiting for july to come
mummy,sorry for lying all this while
i noe if u no tht im lying bout my study,if u check it out,
u'll pinch me deadly
sorry mummy.i'll let u noe someday
kak long,i noe u helped me a lot
been scolded without reason by abah,
cause he taught u're not helping me
dun worry along,i'll prove u tht i will success
kak qes,what the hell is wrong with u?
after ur engagement,ur anger comes back!
what???????feels like being a princess now?
hello!wake up before i think u such way
i do love u alot sis
please be like before....i beg u
bro isa,
i noe u're hapy with the motorbike! ;)
at least,we could make u happy with it
ily soooooo much
sis sara,OMG!come back
we are all missing u deadly here
u're soo bz with ur project n hockey
but it ends now
n u'll be hom soon.n im glad ;)
sis aisya,hey girl..u're the hottest chick in this house
a bit jealous of u ;) but i noe how much u love n cre bt me
we could share everything including our dark secret aaahha
thts y i could tell u everything bout me! ily a lott weiii
dd,please dun make any excuses when i asks u to do ur homework
to sleep and wake up on time
cuz i dun want to c ur result poor as mine
cuz u're the only son tht our parent put hopes on!
please...i beg u,pls chnge!its not just for us
its for ur own future too.dun make me fed up to teach u okay? ILY


what is wrong with u boo? i dun no wht im doign wrong this time?
as we always fighting cause of sumthing stupid.... hmmm
nvm lah.u'hve u life happy with tht
i just concern n care bout u.okay.i wont ask if u dun even wanna talk bout it after ths.i'll let u tell me without i need to asks k?
im bit frustated but i noe,i can expect u to tell me evrything as we're just known for a short while rite?im expecting too much rite?so so so sory cuz over care bout u boo
just wanna let u noe how much i care n love u XOXO!

mood:afraid of losing ppl who i loved

FLOPS family

who's coming to the gath?

me ayang jue efy ash fareil capet iefan


OMG!u come to my place n fetch my sis?
hmm thts just fine when yan also followin u both
but,hmmm a bit frustated tht im not invited!
its feels like uninvited... ;(
hmm.nvm .sis ,dun worry.
i will cover u as u always help me too ;D
n anep,please do care of my sis okeng?
dun hurt her!PLEASE! i rewly love her.....
n sis.FYI,sis blaqes yelling at me just now
she lost her bag.
i think u're the one who used it right?
but she's blaming me for tht.
WTF??? bad ;(
i ignore her since she come back home
its not tht im anger when she didnt allow me to use her thing
im being nice for this few weeks y did u need to treat me badly?
as im not ur sis? FUCK OFF!!!!!
tidy ur room by ur ownself after this cuz i wont help u any longer

sis aisya,if only u could now how much ily....

F6 instead of going to egypt???

BAHAHAHAA im screaming, laughing out loud!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bahahhahahahaha,u said tht u're going to egypt,with ur ex-gf?
n saying tht ur dreams will come true.n bla bla bla bla
but?u're taking F6?????????? whaaaaatttttttt? ahahahhahhaha
always saying something "pom pang gila babi" but it tell me wht turns out?????ahahahah
i cant stop laughing till my tears flow ahhah ;D
hey u,please lah!stop acting like u're the best of the world
probably now u're such a looooooooooooserrrrrrrrrr!
i can stop calling a jerk such u a loser wei.ahahahaha
BWUEEEKKKKKKS! WTF lah wei?/???? ahahahhahah
hey hey hey hey
one more thing????! where did ur offer gone to weiiii? :))))))


good bye matrix changlun not going okay!
i noe im such stupid letting ths chnce go like its not good
but mummy,its not my intention lying u bt the offer
im so sorry.its just tht im not into sc ;((
i rewly wish u didnt even noe bout this offer,
also bt the upu offer.pleaseeeee.
i really wanna go to consist mmmy daddy
n dad,please stop asking me bout others college
i noe u're exhausted helping me finding the best college in town
i rewly appreciate ur help
but u already know tht i had fallen in luv with consist?
sorry,i'll let u both noe the truth as if im already gone to consist
love u both a lotttttttt

as time pass by

people change...a bunch of my close fren tell me tht im changed!
hey im changing myself to be a better person
u guys supposedly support me not to talk behind my back! ;( dun u guys loves me?
please.i need ur moral support....
hmm.u might not noe how much i need to sacrifice to change my attitude?
its not tht im hating my old just the time had i ned to change
as we grow older,many things tht we need to think about.
its not tht im not happy with my world.its just tht its not satisfying ;(
i need my family of course!as they comes as my 1st priority
and talking bout BF? im so so sorry.doenst mean to hurt anyone in this world
its just tht im not gud enough for anyone and right now,im trying to fullfil my dreams to be atleast a safety officer ;)) YAWWW! money,money,money! ;D then only i can shopping joyfully. as i wish my dreams will come true,so i do need to scrifice evry single thing tht i hve now! :( poor me bebeh!and im not into any special relation for now cuz im sick of losing ppl tht i loved! ;( im not blaming anyone here.its just tht my life is not satisfying ;(((

if only someone will come to me and lend his/her shoulder for me to cry on

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


omg sis aisya spent sum time with me duh ;D i was like whattt?
is this real?she's been busy such a long time
and im missing her badly duhhh ;D
hehehe.i accompany her to her hostel
packed her thing
go up n down 4 level mny times picking up her thing weyh
adoi!its heavy! ;(
after tht,we went to nea's house....
hey imy soooooo much boo ;D do u noe tht weyh?
heheheh ;DD SUPRISED! i can see u shocked gila tht time!
ahaha.then we huggin each other cuz i missed her a lot
after tht we went to juco cheras selatan
karaoke fer 3 hrs then we watch movie after tht

Sunday, May 10, 2009


my dad enter my room just now
and suddenly,

me daddy

r u really serious bout going to consist ollege my dear?
erk...yes!im pretty sure!
arent u intersted with uniKL?
yeah,at kg baru
emm let me think bout it 1st okay??

actually daddy,im not interseted with other colleges!
i've fallen in luv with CONSIST
didnt u realise it?
umhhhhh ;(
please..i dun noe how to tell daddy bt this.
god please help me ;)



i noe tht u luv me !
i noe tht u need me !
but,please !
dont force me...
i need sum time.. please
i beg u !
im hurt everytime im in love with sum1
so please......
gimme my own space
i dont wanna loose anyone else
including u
ah ah especially u !
please understand me

Saturday, May 9, 2009


mr "A"
he text me tht he is going to my place
n he wants to sleep at my house
emm i was totally afraiD!
suddenly he texted me,
saying tht he couldnt come!

haiyooo.she cancel the plan last minute
she said tht her fren couldnt come
hmmmm nvm boo
next tym is just fine with me ;) okay!

what am i doing when both plan cancelled?
singing till i fall to sleep ahah ;DD
gudnite to myself ;D
im a dreamer ;)


its maybe cause u dont noe how much i love u rite?
boo,u hurt urself a lot cause of him
i dun hate u
i just hate the way he treat u
he control everything
even ur strength!
hey wake up boo
i noe im wrong saying that u didnt appreaciate me
i noe i hurt ur feeling tonite
but,boo..please i have a reason doing all this
i ask fana to asks her opinion bout this
shes on ur side
she told me tht im wrong treating u such way
i noe tht im being selfish
im sory

dont deny

One: Would you date your number one?
yes.really2 do.
Two: Where was your default picture taken?
Three: What's your middle name?
Four: whats your favorite color?
Five: Does the person you like like you back?
i hope so.hee
Six: When is your birthday?
dec 11th
Seven: Are you mad at anyone?
Eight: What color shirt are you wearing?
Nine: If you were going on a TV show, which one would it be?
no idea
Ten: Are you imagining anyone naked right now?
nope. ;D
Eleven: Did you ever sneak into an R rated movie?
hehehe ;DD
Twelve: Ever had a near death experience?
hmm lucky not
Thirteen: Something you do a lot?
talking..mumbling ;d
Fourteen: How old will you be in 12 months?
18 plus
Fifteen: Do you want to see somebody right now?
yes.all of my bestfren
Sixteen: How many piercings do you have?
only my ears
Seventeen: When was the last time you cried?
emm..last month?
Eighteen: who would you do anything for?
family of course
Nineteen: What are you doing right now?
this thing LOL
Twenty: Do you miss anyone?
yeah.epy,esh,nea,all of my fren la
Twenty one: Do you still talk to your EX?
of course NOT!get out of my way
Twenty two: Biggest fear?
death n god
Twenty-Three: Play a sport today?
Twenty-Five: What did you do last night?
chatting till late morning
Twenty-Six: What woke you up this morning?
my mum knocked on my room
Twenty-Seven: Speak any other languages?
Twenty-Eight: What's on your mind?
CONSIST college
Twenty-Nine: Do you sleep naked?
with my boxer n spaghetti
Thirty: Are you mean?
Thirty-One: Do you like rain?
depends too
Thirty-Two: What are you thinking about right now?
boring.wishing sum1 will be here

Thirty-Three: What should you be doing right now?
cook for my grandpa.OMG!cooking????
Thirty-Four: What's your favorite food?
everything!ahhaha ;DD

Thirty-Five: Are you hurting anywhere? heart! ;(
Thirty-Six: Is your christmas tree taller than you?
haha.havent have mine
Thirty-Seven: Who was the last person you yelled at?
didie.i called him lah .
Thirty-Eight: Can you live without your cell phone?
yeah.during the school time but nit for now
Thirty-nine: One thing you did today?
blogging n keep on blogging

Fourty: Are you drunk?
hell no.n never!


adoi!izzit wht guys thinking of?
poor woman then ;(

its me

OMG!i couldnt believe tht this is me!
SWEAR!i look totally different! ahaah ;)

balqes <333

its my sis engagement!ahaha!
oldies actually
its on 25th april 2009

while waiting bro enal's family to comes
she's pretty ;)

OMG!congratulations sis ;)
ahahah!u're now someone's fiancee

both are my sis
sis qiss n sis ara

ahahah so cute! ;DD
with sis atie's daughter

sengalicious weyh ;DD

ahah me n her!
sis,congrats ;)
ily so much.....