Thursday, July 2, 2009

july :)

bye bye june
welcome july :D
i've been posted 88 post for this two months
and this will be the 89
im happy with my life
i scored in my exam
friends helps me a lot with everything
bf spport me in what ever i do
im so so so happy
and glad to have all of u in my life
K,thanxs a lot for ur help
i really appreciate every single thing u do
emm,khaty u too
u helped me wih ma new house
ouhh forgot to tell
i've been shifted to a new apartment
in plaza damas
staying wih katherine
my sistalova :))
i love her damn much lo
and yuri,dont over care about me
RIMAS laaa.
moved on with ur life please
i love my bf duhhh
baby,welcome back to UiTM sayanggg :)
and cant wait to meet u
hehehhe :D
OMG!damn excited darling
miss u love u muahx xoxo

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